Hello, world!

Sum Sze Tam

My first name is Sum Sze, my last name is Tam

Chinese first names often have two characters that make up a single unit. Unlike with English names, trying to abbreviate it to just ‘Sum’ or just ‘Sze’ completely changes its meaning, even in an informal setting. It’s the equivalent of calling your friend Mary ‘Ma’. She’s not your mum, is she?

Moving on…

I currently work in the healthcare division of IPH Insurance, handling commercial and retail business, broker accounts, product development, IT operations, marketing, and more. I’m based on the outer edges of London.

I hail from Hong Kong, and speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin. I’ve been jumping in between cultures all my life, so I am experienced dealing with people from Asia and Europe, and have insider knowledge about Chinese culture and markets.

Soft skills are something that can only be proven in practice, words just aren’t as convincing. But if I had to paint a picture:

My ability to read people while keeping my eyes on the target means I am confident taking the lead.
My empathy and understanding that I’m only a part of a whole means I’m a cracking team player.
My aptitude for technology means I can pick up, improve and optimise technical tools quickly.

Where else have I worked?

For a more holistic view of my career, take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

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Outside of work…

  • My greatest loves in life are: food, field hockey, musical theatre, my family and my partner.
  • London is great, but I will always have a soft spot for Wales.┬áCymru am byth!
  • I also enjoy playing video games, though I’m not very good at them. I play FFXIV on Cerberus and I’m a tank main in Overwatch who wants to climb out of silver.
  • I love bullet points a bit too much. Can you tell?